R-2 Real Personal Trooper Type-2

R-2 Real Personal Trooper Type-2

As part of their plan to counter the Alien threat, the EFF government approved a top secret plan to produce advanced weapons capable of combating the Aerogators on equal or better than equal footing. This project would be known as the SRX project. To this end, the R-Series was created as a joint venture between Mao Industries, the Testla Leicht Institute, and the Extra Over Technology Institute (although the contributions of the latter would be terminated at the outbreak of the divine wars).

The second machine developed for the R-Series was the Real Personal Trooper Type-2, or R-2. Designed for mid range combat support, the R-2 is equipped with long range weapons and heavy armor plating. While it lacks the T-Link system equipped on the other R-series units, the R-2 is equipped with a prototype Personal Trooper Tronium Engine. While this engine gives the machine unparalleled output comparable to that of a full sized battleship, its power levels must be constantly monitored to prevent explosion from overloading. As a result, the machine must be piloted by someone who can fully monitor this power source while still maintaining total concentration in battle. The R-2 is equipped with a mounted beam chackram, (a tethered beam cutting device), as well as a hand-held Magna Beam Rifle and built-in head mounted gatling vulcan cannons. Because of a rushed design schedule, the R-2 was forced to deploy before the plus parts could be completed and tested. As a result of this the R-2 is lacking in some of its completed weapons.

Like all units developed in the R-Series, once complete the R-2 serves a dual purpose – first to function as a stand alone mobile weapon, and second to serve as a component piece for the SRX (Super Robot Type X) super weapon platform. The R-2 formes the core of the completed machine, with the high output Tronium engine serving as the power source for the completed machine.

R-2 Real Personal Trooper Type-2
18.2 meters
80.4 tons
Raidiese F. Branstein
Special Equipment:
Tronium engine, Anti-Beam Field
Head Mounted Vulcan Cannons x2, Beam Chakram (mounted on forearm), Magna Beam Rifle
SRW Attack List:

Gattling Gun
Beam Chackram
Magna Beam Rifle


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