R-1 Real Personal Trooper Type-1

R-1 Real Personal Trooper Type-1

As part of their plan to counter the Alien threat, the EFF government approved a top secret plan to produce advanced weapons capable of combating the Aerogators on equal or better than equal footing. This project would be known as the SRX project. To this end, the R-series was created as a joint venture between Mao Industries, the Testla Leicht Institute, and the Extra Over Technology Institute (although the contributions of the latter would be terminated at the outbreak of the divine wars).

The R-1, or Real Personal Trooper Type 1, is the first machine in the R-Series. It was designed for close combat, and features exclusively solid round munitions to ensure that its attacks can damage an enemy, even if it possesses an anti-beam shield. Because it is intended for close range combat the R-1’s frame has been designed with a transformation mechanism based on that of the Wildraubtier, allowing it to transform into the high speed R-Wing mode. The R-1 is also equipped with a powerful T-Link System, as well as the Uranus system. The Uranus system greatly improves the pilot interface when piloted by a Psychodiver, while the T-Link system allows the use of directed psychically controlled energy attacks through the use of EOTI. These psychic weapon systems include the T-Link Knuckle, which focuses psychic energy into the R-1’s fist for a powerful melee punching attack, and the T-Link Sword – an attack that focuses psychic energy into a bladed form which is projected towards the enemy. As a part of the SRX team, pilot Ryusei Date and his companions have created a number of formation attacks, most notably the "R-Formation", which utilizes all three R-Series machines to their fullest in an all out coordinated assault.

The R-1 is custom tuned to the specifications of hand selected test pilot Ryusei Date, and forms an integral part of the SRX Team. Like all units developed in the R-Series, The R-1 serves a dual purpose- first to function as a stand alone mobile weapon, and second to serve as a component piece for the SRX (Super Robot Type X) super weapon platform. In the completed SRX, the R-1 serves as the control module.

R-1 Real Personal Trooper Type-1
19.1 meters
50.2 tons
Ryusei Date
Special Equipment:
T-Link system, Uranus System
Head Mounted Vulcan x2, Steel Knife x2 (stored in wing boosters, hand carried in use), G-Revolver (stored in rack on waist, hand carried in use), Boosted Rifle (hand carried in use), Anti Air Misile (R-Wing), Anti Ground Missile (R-Wing)
SRW Attack List:

Gattling gun
Steel Knife
Boosted rifle
T-Link Knuckel
T-Link Sword

AA Missile
AG Missile
Combination Attack:



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