(Super Robot Type X)


As part of their plan to counter the Alien threat, the EFF government approved a top secret plan to produce advanced weapons capable of combatting the Aerogators on equal or better than equal footing. This project would be known as the SRX project. To this end, the R-Series was created as a joint venture between Mao Industries, the Testla Leicht Institute, and the Extra Over Technology Institute (although the contributions of the later would be terminated at the outbreak of the divine wars). The ultimate goal of the R-Series was to design a series of stand alone mobile weapons that could combine into a single mobile weapon of substantial power in order to create a strategic weapons system that could instantly react and adapt to any threat that might appear.

To this extend, the R-1, R-2 Powered and R-3 Powered would be developed, each concentrating on a single combat attribute, including close range combat, mid range bombardment support, and long distance sniper support. The combination of all of these capabilities would be a single massive mobile weapon of overwhelming power – the super Robot Type X. Powered by the Tronium engine from the R-2, and held together with the Telekinetic power generated by the R-3, The SRX was the single most powerful machine ever developed by human scientists.

However, there was a catch to this overwhelming strength – because of the inherent instability of its component machines, the completed SRX was itself a temperamental machine, held together only loosely by a Telekinetic field, and powered by a generator that could go critical if allowed to reach its maximum power output. As such, the machine required the total cooperation of its three pilots. Ryusei Date, pilot of the R-1, was to take the control of the machine as its main pilot. Raidiese F. Branstein, pilot of the R-2, was in charge of monitoring the stress on the Tronium engine to prevent overload. Aya Kobayashi was tasked with maintaining a constant mental contact with the T-Link system. If any of these pilots failed in their task, the SRX would be worthless at best, and at worst it would destroy itself under its own power. Even as such, in its early sorties the SRX can only combine for a maximum time span of mere minutes, and it would take some time for the parts to cool enough for a second transformation. Even still, the power of the machine more than made up for these limitations.

The SRX’s weapon systems reflect the strongest weapons of each of its component units. The High-Zol launchers of the R-2 Powered would be the arms of the completed machine, converting to the Hi-Finger Launcher. The R-3 Powered’s plus parts module would become the SRX’s legs, allowing the completed machine to make use of the Telekenesis Missile. Pilot Ryusei Date could utilize the SRX to perform attacks very similar to the signature moves of the R1. The SRX also featured a number of new attacks, such as the Gaun Genocider, a beam attack launched from the visor of the SRX’s faceplate. The SRX’s main weapon was the Zol-Orihalcon Sword, which was converted from the R-1’s shield. Additionally, the SRX could perform in tandem with additional machines designed to work alongside the R-Series, such as the R-Gun Powered, which could transform into the HTB (Hight Tronium Buster) Cannon for use by the SRX. Because of lead pilot Ryusei Date’s excitable personality, he has coined his own names for each of the SRX’s main attacks.

51.2 meters
388.8 tons
Ryusei Date, Raidiese F. Branstein, Aya Kobayashi
Special Equipment:
Tronium Engine, T-Link system, Uranus System, Testla Drive, Psychic Feild (Nendou Field)
Telekinesis Missile, Hi-Finger Launcher, Zol Orihalcon Sword, Gaun Genocider, HTB Cannon (When docked with the R-Gun Powered)
SRW Attack List:

Telekinesis Missile
High Finger Laungher
Gaun Genocider
Zine Knuckle
Blade Kick
Dominion Ball
Tenjou Tenge Muteki Giri (Heaven and Earth Undefeatable Slash)
Tenjou Tenge Nendou Bakusai Ken (Heaven and Earth Explosive PSychic Sword) (TK Buckslash)
Tenjou Tenge Ichigeki Hissatsu Hou (Heaven and Earth One Hit Sure Kill Ultimate Cannon) (HTB Cannon)


SD Version

Anime Version

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