R-3 Real Personal Trooper Type-3

R-3 Real Personal Trooper Type-3

As part of their plan to counter the Alien threat, the EFF government approved a top secret plan to produce advanced weapons capable of combating the Aerogators on equal or better than equal footing. This project would be known as the SRX project. To this end, the R-Series was created as a joint venture between Mao Industries, the Testla Leicht Institute, and the Extra Over Technology Institute (although the contributions of the latter would be terminated at the outbreak of the divine wars).

The third and final unit developed for the R-Series SRX plan was the Real Personal Trooper Type 3, or R-3. This machine was designed to defeat enemies at extreme long range, completing the SRX team’s strategic goal of having the three units support each other at differing ranges. The R-3 is the first Personal Trooper to use a T-Link system as its primary input mechanism, being controlled entirely by its psychodiver pilot’s mind. This makes the unit incredibly powerful – capable of pinpoint accuracy even over great distance, but it also made the unit very unstable. Because of this development on the R-3 would run much longer than anticipated, causing it to be the last unit in the R-series to roll out. This system also put a lot of strain on its pilot’s mind, making it an extremely temperamental unit. In addition to standardized 60mm vulcan cannons and a beam sword the R-3 was equipped with the "Psychic Energy Laser Cannon", a large caliber beam weapon powered by psychic energy, as well as the "Strike Shield", which was a set of hardened telekinetically guided impact plates designed to strike an enemy with complete accuracy regardless of the enemy’s position or distance from the mech. Due to the rushed design schedule of the R-Series and problems in the R-3’s development, the R-3 was initially fielded in an incomplete version, lacking its intended support weapons platform.

Like all units developed in the R-Series, once complete the R-3 serves a dual purpose – first to function as a stand alone mobile weapon, and second to serve as a component piece for the SRX (Super Robot Type X) super weapon platform. The R-3 serves as the completed SRX’s T-Link System, with pilot Aya Kobayashi providing the necessary Psychic Energy to form a Telekinetic Field (Nendou Feild) strong enough to keep the experimental robot in one piece, as well as to power its Psychic based weaponry. The R-3 also serves as the SRX’s main propulsion mechanism, and as such it is equipped with several Testla Drives.

R-3 Real Personal Trooper Type-3
15.3 meters
49.4 tons
Aya Kobayashi
Special Equipment:
T-Link System, Testla Drive
60mm Vulcan guns, Beam Sword, Psychic Energy Laser Cannon (TK Laser), Strike Shield
SRW Attack List:

Gattling Gun
Beam Sword
TK Laser (Nendou Sasshushiki Laser Cannon)
Strike Shield


Special thanks to Neo Roanoke for the profile.