PTX-004-1~3 Schutzwald

PTX-004 Schutzwald

After the failure of the PTX-003 Gespenst Test Type, Mao Industries attempted to take the Personal Trooper concept in a different direction. To this end they developed the long range bombardment type Schutzwald. While still in many ways similar to the Gespenst, this new machine featured an arsenal of built-in ranged weaponry. This would ultimately make the Schutzwald more expensive than the Gespenst, as well as more difficult to maintain. As a result, only three units would ever be constructed, although test data from these units would funnel their way into the EFFs R-Series family of units, with the Schutzwald specifically serving as the prototype for the R-2.

The Schutzwald’s long range capacity was impressive, featuring a pair of powerful shoulder mounted beam cannons, as well as a three barreled autocannon mounted on its arm. For close range combat, the Schutzwald also featured a set of Plasma Cutters of the same type used by the Gespenst.

The first Schutzwald unit would be sent to the SRX team to gather test data, and would be utilized by Raidiese F. Branstein until the rollout of the R-2. The second Schutzwald would be piloted by Mao Industries designer Radha Bairaban, in an effort to protect the converted space battleship Hiryu Kai. The Schutzwald’s name means "Barrier Forest."

PTX-004 Schutzwald
20.4 meters
86.1 tons
Raidiese F. Branstein, Radha Bairaban
Fixed Armament:
60mm Head Mounted Vulcans, Plasma Sword, Autocannon (mounted in forearms), Twin Beam Cannon (shoulder mounted)
SRW Attack List:

Vulcan gun
Plasma Sword
Vulcan Cannon
Twin Beam Cannon


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