mave Yukikaze

Fighting Fantasy Girl Rescue Me: Mave-chan (Sentou Yousei Shoujo Tasukete! Mave-chan – 戦闘妖精少女 たすけて!メイヴちゃん) is a one episode OAV from 2005 that incorporates machines and themes from Battle Fairy Yukikaze. When a shy high school boy named Rei wins a ticket to a big anime convention in Tokyo he gathers his courage and sets off for the adventure of his life. Once he reaches the crowded event hall he suddenly slips into an alternate world. A large desert surrounds him and he meets five magical girls who can fly like fighter planes. They patrol the desert to push back JAM fighters trying to invade. Rei learns that the girls are anime characters made real by the desires and dreams of anime fans. However, when anime fans divert their attentions to newer anime series and forget the Yukikaze girls they begin to fade into non-existence. A monstrous foe emerges and challenges the girls to battle just as they are trying to help Rei escape through the doorway that will lead him back to Tokyo. Rei gives up his chance of escape to encourage the girls’ flagging spirits and help them overcome the enemy.



Mave chan

Sylph chan

Super Sylph chan

Fand chan

Fand II chan

Banshee chan


JAM Fighter chan

JP Navy Fighter chan