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The Zeorymer’s element is the heavens but it might be better to translate it as "the sky." The Zeorymer is the most powerful of the Hakkeshu Robo and was stolen from the Hau Dragon by Kihara Masaki, creator of the Zeorymer and its Dimensional Coupling System, and turned over to the Japanese government. It is piloted by Akitsu Masato and Himuro Miku but its intended pilot was Yuratei, who is now the leader of the Hau Dragon. The Zeorymer is equipped with high technology components including the dimensional coupler system which allows it to teleport and create a force field.

Zeorymer Gantry and Cockpit

Zeorymer Launch Sequence
The Zeorymer is stored underground in 3 pieces mounted on giant clamps. This sequence shows how the Zeorymer is assembled and activated.

Meiou Kougeki (Main Weapon)
The Zeorymer’s most devastating weapon. It can destroy just about anything and can be used on multiple targets.