Zeorymer Mecha

THE HAKKESHU ROBO (8 Trigrams Robots)
These robots were built by the Hau Dragon in their bid for world domination. Each robot corresponds to an element or trigram of the Chinese I Ching. Traditionally the 8 trigrams have been heaven, wind, water, mountain, earth, thunder, fire and lake. The creators of Hades Project Zeorymer turned water to moon and lake to water.

Zeorymer  Zeorymer of the Heavens

Lanster  Lanster of Wind

Briest  Briest of Fire

Gallowin  Gallowin of Water

Rose C'est La Vie  Rose C'est La Vie of Moon

Dinodilos  Dinodilos of Earth

Burrstone  Burrstone of Mountain

Omzack  Omzack of Thunder


The Hau Dragon
The secret headquarters of the Hau Dragon organization.
headquarters1  headquarters2

Hau Dragon Satellite

Hau Dragon Small Type Airplane
A view of the cockpit is included.

Hau Dragon Twin Heavy Transport
A view of Yuratei’s onboard state room is included.
heavy transport