Decors Weissmel
3rd Black Knight

Decors Weissmel

Decors Weissmel is an enigma. On the one hand, he is a headdliner of frightening skill and ability. His dedication to excellence in battle and mortar headd combat is to be admired and feared. On the other hand, he is as twisted and depraved an individual that the badlands of Kastenpo has ever spat out. Amoral doesn’t even begin to describe his personality as he is as cruel and merciless as he is skilled in combat.

Despite his dismal showing against the Knight of Gold in the first chapter of The Five Star Stories, Decors’ mortar headd piloting skills are legendary. It is said that he took a barely functioning Devoncha equipped with an etriml against three Fillmore Sirens... and won. Considering the fact that one of the Sirens was piloted by none other than Kneu Syltiss ace pilot Barbeluese V only adds to his reputation.

After his duel with the 2nd Black Knight, Roados Dragoon, Decors Weissmel was recruited by Magic Kingdom: Buchtgma, to be the leader of their mortar headd squadrons. It was during this time that he ran across a fledgling headdliner named Jhon and a broken fatima by the name of Vasche. Decors was surprised by the ability of the fatima, who unleashed a unique sword technique upon him, though it didn’t prevent Decors from severing young Jhon’s hand in the interim. The broken fatima was revealed to be the legendary Est, who then recognized Decors as her master, much to the wounded young Jhon’s horror. Thus, the 3rd Black Knight was chosen.

Now partnered with Est and Vatshu, Decors Weissmel will go on to reign terror and destruction down upon his enemies. His ability in battle will aid him in leading Buchtgma forces to victory in the opening battles of the Great War of Magic.

Though responsible for the deaths of some Mirage Knights, Decors Weissmel will mate with Mirage Knight Spark to produce Velvet Weissmel, who will join the AKD forces as an adult and attain the rank of Kensai.


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the character profile.