During a time beyond recorded history, scientists experimented with increasing the mental capacities of homo-sapiens. The results of which were humans capable of logic and understanding far beyond that of normal men. They uncovered the secrets of the universe and learned how to manipulate the energies of creation and bend them to their will. These enhanced humans became known as Divers, and they secured for themselves a place amongst the galaxy’s elite.

The source of the powers and abilities of Divers is a mystery. It is unknown how they are able to control the energies of the universe, and this is a secret they guard amongst themselves quite jealously. They have come to be known as seers, wizards, sorcerers and ESPers, relegated to the status of advisor or humanoid weapon in the JC era. Where did the word "diver" come from? It is said that while headdliners ascend the heights, divers plump the depths.

During the height of Diver supremacy in the AD era of Joker’s past, the Pure Blood Divers were the ruling class in the galaxy, lead by the ultimate Diver, the Empress of Flame herself.

Classes of Divers
Divers can be broken down into 4 different categories: Diver, Para-Simul, Highbrain and Alchemy. It is possible, though not very common for a person to have access to more than 1 category of Diver power. Having access to 3 classes of power is extraordinarily rare and to have control of all 4 categories is almost unheard of. Only a handful of individuals in Joker history have had such power.

1. Diver
The first category of Diver Power, this is the most common form of Diver found within the galaxy and thus, is the reason these individuals are all called "Divers" even though some may have abilities from other categories. This type of Diver is what scientists might call a Psychokinetic and what the general populace would call a Wizard. They can control various forms of energy and use that energy in an offensive or defensive manner, such as generating plasma bolts, erecting energy shields and using telekinesis to toss things about. Mirage Diver Mel Zoom is a good example of the stereotypical Diver (if any Diver could be called "stereotypical").

2. Para-Simul
Para-Simul abilities are the second most common Diver abilities found in Joker, though they are still quite rare compared to standard Diver abilities. This category includes the ability to sense and control time and space to varying degrees. The typical talent that arises from this category is that of a Seer; the ability to view the past and future, but only as an observer. More powerful individuals might be able to communicate with spirits and even to contact otherworldly beings with their abilities. It may be possible for a Para-Simul to transport themselves through time and space. Some individuals have been known to pull a copy of themselves from the future for extremely brief periods of time. This may be the function of a very powerful Para-Simul Diver.

3. Highbrain
This Diver ability is extraordinarily rare in the JC era. It was more common in the AD era where Super Empire Pure Blood Divers used this ability to control the ultra-powerful Chivalries when they were sent into battle. Highbrain is the ability to take control of anothers thoughts and actions, forcing one’s will upon another being. Super Empire Chivalries were bred to be highly susceptible to this type of control, but that was removed from the last Chivalry as the Farus Die Kanon left Joker space, thus JC era headdliners should be no more susceptible to Highbrain control than any other JC era human. The Empress of Flame was able to control every single Chivalry at once with her considerable Highbrain abilities.

4. Alchemy
Another of the extraordinarily rare Diver abilities, this is the ability of transmutation and creations. Alchemy Divers have an inherent understanding of ultra-advanced math and science, allowing them the ability to conceive new ideas and theories far above that of normal humans. The remnants of Alchemy Diver DNA has lead to the supra-geniuses found throughout the Joker galaxy in the J.C. era. Individuals such as Chrome Ballanche and his adopted heir, Meeth Silver Balance are the remnants of such AD era Divers. A true Alchemy Diver is capable of some amazing feats. Dis Bosjathforth instantly created a monster of frightening strength and toughness to fight Mirage Commander Rognar during the assault on Float Temple. This was accomplished via his Alchemy powers. It is said that the Super Empire Chevaliers were created by the Empress of Flame’s Alchemy abilities.

Diver Force
Diver Force is a term that encompasses all four Diver categories in a single individual. Such Divers are exceedingly rare; only a handful exist in the JC era. It is unknown how many Diver Force there were in the Super Empire, but it is known that the most powerful Diver Force in history was the Empress of Flame. The ability to control all four categories of Diver Power makes these individuals incredibly powerful. They can control reality, seemingly manipulating it at will. The Diver Dis Bosjathforth uses his Diver Force abilities with impunity, teleporting into Mirage Palace and attacking the Mirage Knights and Mirage Divers with his powerful Diver abilities.

A Baiya is a headdliner who also posses Diver abilities. These individuals are as rare as Highbrain or Alchemy Divers. They are generally found amongst the galaxies royal families, as those individuals who posses headdliner and Diver abilities are usually incorporated into the nobility. Two notable Baiya are Dougulus Kaien and Sarion of the Mirage Knights. Some Baiya can combine their headdliner and Diver abilities to create all new skills, such as Dougulus Kaien’s penultimate technique, Mirror, in which Kaien summons a double of himself from the future for a few moments and together they devastate even the toughest opponents.