Dougulas Kaien
Hugh von Hitter

Dougulas Kaien

Dougulas Kaien is the premier headdliner in pre-3000 Joker society. He owns several titles, one of which is the much-coveted Kensei; top swordsman in the galaxy. He is the student of former Kensei, Deimos Hierarchy and Kaien inherited Hierarchy’s personal mortar headd the Water Dragon, which Kaien renamed the Schpeltor.

Kaien’s battle skills are unmatched in Joker society. He has mastered such techniques as the Sonic Blade and Spiral Typhoon, but Kaien is most well known for mastering the one technique that eluded his mentor: The Mirror.

Being the top headdliner, famous throughout the galaxy, Kaien is often a target for those headdliners trying to make a name for themselves. Thus Kaien has been forced to kill hundreds of headdliners in his time, which only adds to his reputation as a fearsome knight. Kaien also seems to be an accomplished trouble maker and has managed to get himself placed on the majority of Joker’s most notorious wanted lists. Thus, when going about incognito, Kaien prefers to go by the moniker, Hugh von Hitter.

As Hugh von Hitter, he loves to put forth the appearance of an effeminate playboy with delusions of grandeur. Even when playing the part of a useless fop, Kaien finds it hard to hide his ability and Hitter has been raised to a lofty position as head of the Kastenpo Headdliners Guild.

It is rumored amongst the galaxy’s elite that Kaien may be the son of former Kensei Hierarchy, but the truth is far more interesting. The circumstances behind Kaien’s birth and parentage is a convoluted affair to say the least. He is originally the son of Super Empire Kensei, Skinzu and Princess I Yarn Vatshu, a powerful Biya and leader of the Black Chevaliers. Before princess Vatshu was ready to give birth, the young fetus was removed and placed into stasis and given into the care of the LED Dragon.

8000 years later, Dr. Ballanche was studying the dragon lifeforms and was given care of the fetus by the LED Dragon. Ballanche placed the fetus within his fatima masterpiece Queen, who was then allowed to give birth to Kaien secretly. During the time in which Queen carried the fetus an interesting thing occurred. Apparently, the genetic information of the fatima was downloaded into the fetus, and the fetus’ information was uploaded to the surrogate. This effect created two unique aberrations. With Kaien, after reaching maturity, he apparently stopped aging like a fatima. With Queen, the effect is unknown, though it may be that her already impressive physical gauges were further enhanced. Dr. Ballanche was able to study the information uploaded to Queen from the fetus and used this as the basis for his research into more complex DNA types, which ultimately lead to the creation of the Three Fates.

Much like Voard Viewlard, Kaien is a well-known lech and has taken many lovers in his time. His union with Hathuha ace pilot, Jabo Beat resulted in the birth of the twins Magdal and Dupre. Kaien abandoned his children but returned to care for them after the death of their mother. However, for some unknown reason, Kaien refused to teach his son any sword techniques.

Kaien has taken on a few apprentices in his time and the majority of Kaien’s students become noteworthy headdliners in their own right. His most famous students being Jaquous Quo’n Hash and Erniuth dai gu Fillmore V.

Kaien’s fatima is Ballanche no. 38 Auxo. However, Fatima Queen served as his fatima during the early portion of his life. This caused a fair bit of contention between Kaien and his foster-father Dr. Ballanche since many headdliners sleep with their fatima partners when in the field, and Kaien lost his virginity to Queen. When Kaien discovered that Queen was his "mother", he tried to kill Dr. Ballanche in his rage but was stopped by Mel Rince of the AKD Divers Guild (it’s said she cut both his arms off using the technique: Calvary Blade).

Dougulas Kaien is also the father of the ultimate headdliner, Maximum HOLTFORS Balance Kaien. Kaien’s pure headdliner blood is a legacy of the Super Empire, entrusted to future generations for the survival of homo sapiens.


As Hugh von Hitter

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