Leopard Chrysalis (Leopold Chrytharis)

Leopard Crytharis

Mirage Knight no. 11, Leopard Chrysalis is the head of state of the Dukedom of Chrysalis, which is a sovereign nation of the AKD. He comes from a very distinquished line of headdliner nobles and as such takes his role very seriously. The attitude of some of the younger headdliners (such as Urazen) often sends him into a self-righteous tirade in an attempt to "set them straight".

Leopard’s grandson, Karrer Chrysalis will fight the 5th Black Knight, Grard Sydmian on Juno in 3960. His fatima, Balance Masterpiece no.31 Teata will pass to his son, Partolk and then to his grandson Karrer.


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the character profile.