Meight: Dr. Chrome Ballanche
Number: BFOS-31
Gauge: B2-2A-2A-B2-B2/2A-3A-2A-B2-B2
Clearance: VVS1
Type: M
Masters: Leopard Chrysalis, Karrer Chrysalis

Dr. Ballanche’s 31st masterpiece fatima, Teata will serve the Crytharis family of knights for at least 3 generations, beginning with Partolk Crytharis all the way to Karrer Crytharis as seen in the FSS prologue. Why she specifically chooses sons of the Crytharis family as headdliners is unknown. It is interesting to note that like Est, Teata has 2 separate Gauge ratings. This is because Dr. Ballanche made Teata specifically to match against Est. Under what circumstances her gauges increase is currently unknown, but theories suggest that she was either made to compliment a LED Mirage, and her gauges are increased when riding in that machine, or perhaps her enhancement kicks in whenever she is in opposition to Est. In either case, when the criteria is met, her Battle Skills are increased by 2 stages (from B2 to 2A) and her Mortar Headd Control Skill is increased by 1 stage (from 2A to 3A) which would allow her to match with Est quite closely.

The irony of her true purpose lies in the fact that Teata and Est become friends after meeting in J.C. 2989 during the Colus/Hagooda war and fight alongside one another in defense of the Colus Dynasty. Such is the tragic fate of very nearly all fatima, destined to slay friend and foe alike with absolutely no choice in the matter whatsoever.


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the fatima profile.