Bugle de'Leizer

Bugle de’Leizer

FEMC GL #02, once the leader of Rosen Kreutz, the largest criminal syndicate in Zanda City (on planet Both), Bugle de’Leizer was considered one of the most dangerous individuals in the Joker galaxy. It’s a wonder that he was allowed to run free for so long considering his penchants for drug abuse, pedophilia and child-murder. It may have something to do with his being trained by the incomparable Deimos Hierarchy, and being given Knight Master status by the former Kensai himself. It is even said that he gave high concentrations of LSD to his fatima partner Parthenon, which is responsible for her mental breakdown (to his credit, he was attempting to fix her P/G rating of “D” in mental stability, but only ended up destroying the mind control).

It is rumored that Bugle was "killed" in a duel with a female headdliner (who could that have been?) in J.C. 2970. Editor's Note: Our sources aren't clear on the identity of the female headdliner but we suspect it was Mel Rince. In reality, he was subdued and "arrested" and promptly drafted into the Green Left Mirage Corps. As FEMC #02, Bugle goes by the nickname Schaft and pilots a Jagd Mirage (the Green Demon, specifically). His fatima partner is Ballanche fatima #02 Parthenon, who is just as crazy as he is, so they’re a perfect fit.

In J.C. 2992, he participated in a coup d’etat against the AKD. Schaft apparently was only interested in raping Lachesis, which was just fine with his commander Sarion (as long as he killed her when he was finished). Accompanied by Mirage diver mel Zoom, Schaft was humbled by Lachesis' superior abilities when they attacked her. So much so that Schaft pledged his loyalty to Lachesis herself, who immediately ordered him to use the Green Demon to rescue the emperor. Schaft completed this task with unbridled enthusiasm. Schaft is the perfect example of the type of headdliner employed by Amaterasu in the Green Left Mirage Corps.


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the character profile.