Violet Tryton

Violet Tryton

A prince of the Fillmore Empire’s Lader family, like Blreno Canzian, Tryton was chosen to become an Arcanna Knight which acts as the imperial bodyguards during battle. Tryton is the Knight of Diamonds and is under the command of Christine V during the battle of Hathuhunt.

A protégé of Ena dai gu Fillmore, Tryton was dispatched to take Christine V into custody after her incident at school, but in reality he was sent by former empress Ena to rescue Christine from her fate, though this proves unnecessary because of Emperor Lader’s plans for the young headdliner.

As an Arcanna Knight, Violet Tryton pilots a massive Arcanna Siren. His co-pilot is Sakurako Fatima Kirihime.


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the character profile.