Ena dai gu Fillmore

Ena dai gu Fillmore

Ena dai gu Fillmore was married to Fillmore IV, emperor of the Fillmore Empire, and is the grandmother of the 238th Fillmore emperor, Erniuth dai gu Fillmore V. She was Kensai (sword sage) from JC 2899 to JC 2970 (Dougulas Kaien resurfaced in JC 2970 to reclaim the title). Because she was an empress she was called "The Crowned Kensai." During her tenure as Kensai, Ena piloted the Fillmore family mortar headd, the Prominence, with Ballanche Fatima Chandanna as her co-pilot.

Ena dai gu is the daughter of Titinsha Basco, a diver, and Randa, emperor of Bakinnrakkan. and is a member of Bakinnrakkan royalty. In her youth, she married into the Fillmore royal family and relocated to Kalamity Godarce. Ena is technically "retired" from the headdliner business, but during the Majestic Stand she retrains her skills and body in order to be able to assist her grandson in battle. Ena has trained many famous headdliners including Nio Hathler of the Arcanna Knights and Spark of the AKD Green Left Mirage Knights. Because she is retired, she passed her fatima and mortar headd down to her grandson, Erniuth dai gu Fillmore. Her signature fighting technique is the Kensai level technique The 12 Light Wheels (a technique she taught to Spark) where she performs a Parallel attack at the same time as unleashing 12 Sonic Ring Slicers (see English volume 25 page 22 for an example).

After Ena rehabilitates her body to assist during the War of Magic, she is given charge of one of the three Phantoms (Red) and uses Koop fatima Kratoughma.


In Her Younger Years

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