A-Toll Swans & Cobra

Atoll Swans

The A-Toll Swans also has a special defense system that it employs. It has what are known as "Active Veils" which are used to deflect incoming attacks automatically (either by the mortar headd's computer or, more likely, its fatima) which allows the headdliner pilot to concentrate solely on attacking the enemy. The A-Toll Swan’s Active Veil system totally negates the effectiveness of the Ashura Temple’s "Dragon Claw" attack, and this causes Bishop Iler to flee the scene because his signature attack would be nullified by the A-Toll's veils.

The A-Toll Swans was designed by legendary mortar headd Meight, Zebee Corter (father of Maggie Corter). The A-Toll will remain a top-class MH for over 1000 years.

A-Toll Swans
A-Toll Swans
A-Toll Series
Zebee Corter
Hathuha Union Republic
17.5 meters
155 tons
1.25 trillion horsepower
The A-Toll Swans includes the typical MH arsenal of anti-personnel and anti-material lasers and machine guns, missile and S-mine launchers and anti-armor cannons. For Hand-to-Hand combat, typically a speid (sword) or spaad (beam sword) is used. However, many other melee weapons have been developed for use with the A-Toll Swans. MH sized maces were seen in use in the Battle of Hathuhunt during the Majestic Stand in J.C. 3030.

A-Toll Swans

A-Toll Cobra

Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the mortar headd profile.