Hathuha Union Republic (Holy Atoll Dynasty)

Location: Both, Western solar system
Ruler: King Collet Corre
Type: Republic
Capital: Beigee
Flag MH: The Empress
Paramount Knights: Jabo Beat, Mikail Joy Gira, Dupre Zen Atoll, Arr Fortissimo Melody IV
Palace Guard: A'p Knights (176)
Mortar Headds: A-Toll (151)
Knights of the Realm: Hathuha Union Knights (2650)

The Hathuha Union Republic is a nation consisting of a dozen political entities which joined forces to form the Republic. Its formation began with a treaty of alliance signed between the Gerre Dynasty's Hathuha Empire and the Hathuhunt Empire ruled by the Collet royal family, resulting in the Allied Republic of Minougciaa. In JC 2810 the present form was adopted based on a parliamentary alliance.

The true guardian of the Hathuha people, however, is the Shaman of Atoll. The Shaman chooses her successor without regard to nationality, birth or family background, the only requirement being a high level of diver power. The chosen successor inherits the living memory of the Atoll dynasty dating back to its founder, The Empress of Flame herself. The present "Empress" happens to be the granddaughter of King Collet, Megumika Atoll (born Megumika Rao Collet). In JC 3070 the daughter of Jabo Beat and Douglas Kaien, Magdall Atoll, is chosen to be Shaman of Atoll after the death of Megumika.

The major nations of Atoll include; Gerre Hathuha, Hathuhunt Empire, Allied Republics of Yen-Xing, Nakakara-Crr, Seazoth as well as the Principality of Katze. The population of Hathuha are the descendants of the Farus di Kanon (aka Super Empire) which is why they inherit the memory of the Empress of Flame and are allowed the name Holy Atoll Dynasty.

Emblems of the Hathuha Union Republic

   Hathuha Union Republic
   Farus di Kanon Empire
A'p Knights