Empress Flame

Empress Flame

The Empress Flame, or simply "The Empress" is the flag mortar headd of the Hathuha Union Republics and the symbol of the Shaman of A-Toll. The headdliner chosen as the pilot of the Empress is given the title of Neadle Chevalier, First Knight of Hathuha, and speaks with the authority of the Shaman herself.

The Empress was built in 2499 by Dr. Zebee Corter, the premier mortar headd meight of his day. The Empress was the most powerful mortar headd of its time, its engine generating so much energy that excess power would radiate in the form of an energy field that gave the Empress the appearance of being surrounded by flames (an impressive site on the battlefield, to say the least).

The secret of the Empress is that she is powered by two MM: Yen Xing engines, which were some of the most powerful Machine Messiahs of the Super Empire. This allows the Empress to generate more power than almost all other mortar headds with the exception of the Mirage fleet.

Originally, Jabo Beat was given control of the Empress Flame, but after her death it was passed down to her son Dupre along with Jabo’s fatima Concord.

Empress Flame
The Empress Flame (or just "The Empress")
Custom Mortar Headd
Dr. Zebee Corter
Hathuha Union Republics (MH of The Chevalier)
around 1.7 trillion horsepower
Typical compliment of mortar headd weaponry


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the mortar headd profile.