Engage Octaver SR-1

Engage Octaver SR-1

The Engage Octaver was the original flag mortar headd for the Colus Dynasty. Commissioned by Colus XXI, it was originally designed by super-meight Dr. Mal Krupp. However, Krupp died before it could be completed, so the final work was done by mortar headd meight Roumiran Xbin.

Some time after its completion, the Engage Octaver was given over to the custody of the Melody branch of the Colus royal family. Sword Sage Harricon Melody Needlenoid was its pilot, however Kensai Harricon died only one year after receiving the title of Kensai and the Engage Octaver remained in the custody of the Melody family.

After the disbanding of the Melody family, one of the last children of the Melody family, Arr Fortissimo Melody, fled with the Engage in her possession. She took the MH to uber-meight Dr. Diamond Neutral and he remodeled the Engage into its present form. The sword-catchers on the forearms that Kensai Harricon favored were altered: a veil mount was placed on top of the left arm sword catcher and the right one was removed.

The Engage SR-1 is considered by some to be one of the most beautiful mortar headds ever created, which causes the eccentric St. Greens to target the Engage SR-1 with his impressive Machine Messiah: AUGE. It is rumored that house Colus wants the Engage returned to them and are hunting Arr extensively for this purpose...

Engage Octaver SR-1
Engage Octaver
Engage Series: SR-1
Mal Krupp/Roumiran Xbin
Colus (originally) Mercenary (currently, Hathuha)
Unknown, but probably much higher than 1.25 trillion horsepower
Typical compliment of mortar headd weaponry


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the mortar headd profile.