Mighty Alpha

Mighty Alpha

The Mighty Alpha is the first of Dr. Diamond Neutral's trio of masterpiece mortar headds, "The Mighty Series". Dr. Diamond asked for LED Mirage engines for his Mighty Series designs, since that would be the only engine suitable for these ultra-powerful machines. Amaterasu also provided him with the special translucent armor developed by mortar headd Meister Ladios Sop exclusively for AKD mortar headds (it's used on the LED Mirage) for mounting on the Mighty Series.

Dr. Diamond left the selection of the Mighty Series pilots up to Amaterasu, however the good doctor emphasized that he wanted “crazy or stupid” headdliners to be the pilots. The type of headdliners that would walk headlong into an ambush, knowing it was there but not caring.

Ladios Sop spent more time tuning the engine for the Mighty Alpha than any other machine. He tuned it to such a degree that it exceeds even the LED Mirage in power. For this machine, Amaterasu set a high standard for the pilot; no less than the title of Kensai. When the time came, it was awarded to Kensai Maximum.

The Mighty Alpha is slimmer than the other two in the Mighty Series and its armor sports a higher level of transparency. Its original name is the Akatsuki Hime (Dawn Princess) but after Maximum's instatement into the Mirage Corps and the inclusion of Mirage symbols upon the Alpha, it is renamed the LED Mirage B4: Destinias.

Originally, its armor was tinted red, but because of the pilot, the engine was tuned to emit light in Opera colors. [editor’s note: Opera is a color that is commonly regarded to be difficult to print on paper. It is a light, purplish pink or deep pink that is almost fluorescent.] The LED B4 is one of the most powerful mortar headds ever designed and when coupled with Kensai Maximum can be considered "invincible".

The mortar headds of the Mighty Series each carry a speid (or mace) made by renowned sword meight Taisen Suzuka. Fatimas Queen and Salome aided in the development of the Mighty Series.

Mighty Alpha
Akatsuki Hime (Dawn Princess), LED Mirage B4 "Destinias"
Mighty Series: Alpha
Dr. Diamond Neutral, Ladios Sop (engine tuning)
AKD (Mirage Knights)
16.2 meters
119 tons
Unknown but probably more than 2.3 trillion horsepower
Typical compliment of mortar headd weaponry


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the mortar headd profile.