Maximum HOLTFORS Ballance Kaien

Maximum Kaien

Maximum, or "Makishi," is the son of Kensai Dougulus Kaien and Countess of Fates Meeth Silver Ballanche. Max’s birth is highly unusual in that he is not by any means a normal headdliner. Max is the product of centuries of research by Chrome Ballanche and is the culmination of headdliner development. In a way, Maximum could be considered Chrome Ballanche's 46th creation. In other words, Maximum is an attempt by Chrome Ballanche to duplicate and actually improve on the Super Empire’s ability to create knights, an art that has been lost in the J.C. era.

However, Chrome Ballanche was not able to complete the data before his death, so he passed his research on to his final assistant and heir, Meeth Silver. Meeth, having been in love with Dougulus Kaien since she was a little girl, wanted to have a child by Kaien, but this was impossible for normal women. Even headdliner women have almost no chance of being impregnated by Kaien. Thus she altered her ovaries to produce eggs with information from the "Maximum 46" data. She then plants one of her body's eggs in Dougulus Kaien's fatima, Auxo. Kaien was completely unaware of Meeth’s machinations and unknowingly impregnated Auxo, fertilizing the special ovum which Meeth implanted. Meeth then designs and transfers a fatima womb into her own body. It takes Meeth's body 10 years to fully adjust to the transferred fatima womb. During that time the fertilized egg is preserved within special machinery. Finally, the fertilized egg was transferred into Meeth's body where Maximum developed before birth. Meeth carried Maximum to term and had a child by Kaien, however indirectly this pregnancy occurred.

The combination of the research and data provided by Chrome Ballanche and Kaien’s superior genes created a being who was far stronger than even Super Empire knights of the A.D. era. Unfortunately, Maximum is far too strong for J.C. headdliners, even Kensai level knights, to keep under control. Though Max is superior to all but a few individuals in the galaxy, he seems to have little "common sense" or perhaps the problem is that he is so strong that the fear instinct does not exist within him. Though Max proves difficult to control, it seems that he will listen to his big brother, prince Depre of the Atoll Dynasty. Max grew up in the courts of Tenjou on planet Delta Belun. Falk Rognar was his combat instructor.

Maximum will eventually pass into the Taika universe and marry Silvis Vinus, the Shaman of Taika and their descendant, U.R.I. will marry Kallen, Sop and Lachesis’ daughter. This is likely Max’s ultimate destiny. Maximum’s sword, the Kaienken (aka Big Black Sword) is a sword created by the gods to battle the demons known as Vagires and their leaders, the SATAN. Maximum is the only one in the Joker galaxy capable of drawing this blade from its sheath and will do so to battle SATAN Tatsuminrey.

Maximum will become FEMC #22 and pilots a LED Mirage (XXIII) and a custom mortar headd of Dr. Diamond Neutral’s Mighty Series called the LED Mirage B4 aka the Akatsuki Hime (Dawn Princess) one of the most powerful mortar headds in Joker.

Maximum’s Fatima is Lithium Ballance fatima #03 Solid State Logic (S.S.L.). Maximum becomes the 12th Duke of Fates, which belongs to the AKD (and is the homeland of the Ballance family).

Full Name: Maximum HOLTFORS Ballance Kaien
Nickname: Makishi
12th Duke of Fates: Makishi Eiz Fates Ballance XII
As Sword Saint: Sword Saint Tokiko
Guardian of Taika: M.X.
Deific Title: Star King of Farndom


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the character profile.