Siren A

Siren A

The Siren A is the Fillmore Empire's main assault mortar headd. It has been mass-produced and as many as 130 may exist. There are 4 variations of the Siren A - Siren A, Siren B, Siren C and Siren D. Each is functionally the same but colored differently and assigned to differing squadrons. The Siren A is for national defense and has a white stripe. The Siren B is assigned to the Knue Syltiss Black Group and has a black stripe. The Siren C is assigned to the Knue Syltiss Red Group and has a red stripe. The Siren D is assigned to the Knue Syltiss Blue Group and has a blue stripe. There are 19 different models of Siren in the Fillmore fleet and, with a few exceptions (Siren E, Siren F and V Siren), there are few differences between them aside from weaponry, armor design and method of deployment.

The shoulder region of the Siren A is outfitted with a special suite of beam blade generators. These "beam spikes" can be deployed at any time during a battle and serve several purposes. First, because they are mounted upon the shoulder region of the Siren, they completely protect it from attacks like the Ashura Temple's "Dragon Claw". Also, the beam spikes can be used during charging maneuvers to cause serious damage to enemy units. Rumor has it that this defense system was developed for use in the Majestic Stand in response to the overwhelming advantage that the Ashura Temple's secondary claw-arms gave it on Kastenpo.

Siren A
Siren A
SJJ 103A, SJJ 103B, SJJ 103C, SJJ 103D
Fillmore Empire (Kneu Syltiss Knights)
18.8 meters
178 tons
1.25 trillion horsepower
Typical compliment of mortar headd weaponry including lasers, missiles and machine guns mounted within its frame. Speid, veil, shoulder-mounted beam blade system.


Siren D

Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the mortar headd profile.