Siren F

Siren F

The Siren F, G and H models serve as the command units for Knue Syltiss mortar headd squadrons. They are also used by ace pilots for fast assault missions since they are some of the lightest of the Siren fleet (nearly all the Fillmore mortar headds are very heavily armored). There is only one of each designation (i.e. there is one F model, one G model, etc.). The group leaders for Red, Blue and Black Groups are each assigned one so each sports a different color.

The Siren is one of the premier mortar headds of the Joker galaxy, being revered in the same light as the Atoll and the Bangdoll. The Siren F has the same frame as the other Siren models, however the F, G and H models have been highly modified and re-tuned for anti-mortar headd roles. Made lighter and faster than all the other Sirens, the Siren F continues to be a popular commodity for well over 1,000 years. Vralgo Kentauri pilots a Siren F during the final battle of the Colus/Hagooda war. Later, Brauma Ik will pilot a Siren F during the Majestic Stand conflict.

Siren F
Siren F
SJJ 103F, SJJ 103G, SJJ 103H
Fillmore Empire (Kneu Syltiss Knights)
14.7 meters
132 tons
1.25 trillion horsepower
typical compliment of mortar headd armaments


Model Photos

Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the mortar headd profile.