RX-105 Xi Gundam

Xi Gundam

Pronounced "ksee." In UC 0105, more than a decade after Char Aznable’s defeat, the resistance organization known as "Mafty" continues the fight against the increasingly corrupt and tyrannical Earth Federation. Mafty’s ultimate goal is to complete humanity’s migration into space, but its tactic of choice is old-fashioned terrorism and political assassination, using its handful of mobile suits to target Federation ministers directly. To counter the Federation’s security forces, Mafty commissions Anaheim Electronics to develop a state-of-the-art mobile suit for its leader - Hathaway Noa, the son of a famous Federation officer.

The Xi Gundam’s signature feature is its ability to fly in Earth’s atmosphere without the use of a support craft, thanks to its Minovsky craft system – a lift-generating technology previously installed only in warships and huge mobile armors. The Xi Gundam is also equipped with a psycommu system, allowing Hathaway to control its guided "funnel missiles." With a powerful beam rifle, a pair of back-mounted beam sabers, and missile pods in its knees and forearms, Hathaway’s Gundam has heavy firepower as well as unparalleled mobility. As the last Gundam produced prior to the downscaling of mobile suits in the second UC century, the Xi Gundam represents a pinnacle of size and power that will never again be duplicated.

RX-105 Xi Gundam
Unit Type:
Prototype Mobile Suit
19.85 meters
Head Height:
26.0 meters
Base Weight:
32.0 tons
Full Weight:
80.0 tons
Generator Output:
Propulsion Rocket Thrusters:
Minovsky Engine:
Minovsky Craft Emitter, Leg Minovsky
Gundarium Alloy
Sensor Range:
30,000 meters
missile launchers, beam saber x2, large missile launchers, funnel missiles, beam rifle, shield, mega beam cannon x2, Minovsky barrier, psycommu system
Mafty Nabeyu Erin (Hathaway Noa)

Version Katoki

Novel Version

Special thanks to Mark Simmons for the Xi Gundam profile.