Gundam - Tyrant Sword of Neofalia

Tyrant Sword of Neofalia is a UC Gundam side story written by Fujita Kazumi and Aida Yutaka. The mobile suit illustrations are of a high enough quality that many fans think Tyrant Sword is anime but it is a serialized novel. Mechanical designs were created by Fujita Kazumi (of previous Gundam fame). It appeared in the pages of Hobby Japan Magazine from September 1987 to February 1988. Tyrant Sword takes place in the UC Gundam setting but an alternate one from the Bandai official Gundam timeline. To help explain this "Gundam Another Story" was seen a number of times when Hobby Japan Magazine was running the installments of the series.

Federation pilot Keith McGreggor is assigned to be a test pilot for Anaheim Electronic’s SE Project at their Neofalia research facility. The SE Project is designing and building prototype mobile suits that use a new power source called the SE Generator. The first of these prototypes, the Nemo Sword Custom, goes berserk under harsh testing conditions and Keith is forced to eject. When the Tyrant Sword is completed Keith pilots it against three new Federation mobile armors and destroys them with ease during the demonstration.

After hearing about civil unrest near Jupiter in an area under the influence of the Jupiter Energy Fleet the Federation decides to send the Tyrant Sword out to restore order and show off the Federation’s might. Keith encounters Paptimus Scirocco piloting his new design, the Messala Dinofaust Jupiter. After a battle the Messala Dinofaust Jupiter is damaged and Paptimus retreats.

Upon returning to Neofalia the Tyrant Sword is refitted with parts from the Z Project and a new SE Generator called the AG Type. The refitted Tyrant Sword is now designated the Tyrant Sword Custom Agles. Two Slave Swords are constructed as support machines.

Keith was selected as a test pilot for his potential as a newtype. It turns out that Keith’s newtype abilities are so potent that he seems to be the first of a new breed of super newtypes. The term "Next One" is given to this new class of newtypes. The top brass in the Federation decide Next Ones are a potential threat to their regime and when Neofalia recieves word that nearby regions have been attacked by Messala Dinofaust Alphas from the Jupiter Energy Fleet Keith is ordered to engage them without support. The Federation announces that it’s abandoning Neofalia.

The unique abilities of Next Ones are integral to the control and function of the SE Generator system. In the battle with the Jupiter Energy Fleet’s forces Keith’s true abilities begin to awaken. He becomes one with the SE System and instantly destroys a few defense ships. Keith is able to see the images sent by the Tyrant Sword’s sensors as if he was seeing them with his own eyes. The Messalas find their beam weaponry can’t penetrate the field created by the SE Generator. Keith subconsciously extends this field into the battlefield and after an intense flash of light the enemy mobile suits are destroyed along with a whole area of space near Jupiter. Paptimus retreats.

The Neofalia facility is destroyed and the files regarding the SE Project disappear. Related data is suppressed by the Federation. When Keith returns from his fight with the Jupiter Energy Fleet he is reassigned to a combat unit and never sees the Tyrant Sword again.

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