RX-274R Gundam Mk. IV Siren

The Gundam Mk. IV "Siren" is based on two different mobile suit designs, the RX-272 Gundam Mk. III and the PMX-000 Messala. The TMS design was intended to rival the Gundam Mk. V, but the design was too new to ever see combat with the Mk. V. After the initial design, it was found that they couldn’t design a small enough generator.

After the Gryps Conflict the AEUG recovered the second and third suits and moved them to Granada. It is unknown what happed to the first suit, a rumor states that it saw combat in 0091. The second suit was rebuilt using newer parts and technology as a commander’s MS. For armament they improved upon the concept of the Fedayin rifle and called it the Cavalier rifle. Two beam cannons carried on the backpack with direct connections to generator units have a short range but exceed the power of a beam smart gun. Mounted on the shoulders is a pair of Hyper Beam Sabers/Beam Cannons with specs equal to those on the ZZ Gundam. As of 0091, the performance of the finished Siren is highest for a TMS of the time.

RX-274R Gundam Mk. IV Siren
Earth Federation Model with Team Enforcer
Head Height:
20.74 meters
Full Height:
28.50 meters
Base Weight:
51.35 tons
Full Weight:
90.3 tons
Generator Output:
4,200 kW (total)