RS-82B-R GM II Custom

GM II Custom

The RS-82B-R GM II Custom is a high-mobility variant of the GM II. It was used as the basis for the Gundam Mk II and the RX-86 Sam. Originally developed to replace the unfavorable RS-81 Nemo, it went on to become the leading Federation mobile suit of its time. It’s said its performance rivaled the famed RX-78 Gundam. The R type was re-designed and heavily modified for the Borderland Security Defense Fleet by upgrading the search capabilities and mobility.

GM II Custom
Unit Type:
Mobile Suit
Head Height:
18.6 meters
42.8 tons
Generator Output:
2073 KW
Main Thruster:
Vernier Thruster:
Sensor System:
scanning system SG-325
beam rifle RS E-286, beam sabre, shield (w/ grenade launcher)


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