ABFS-RR 01M Messala Dinofaust Alpha

Messala Dinofaust Alpha

The Alpha is a toned-down mass production version of the Messala Dinofaust Jupiter. ABFS stands for Aggressive Beast-Formed Suit. These mobile suits were designed by Paptimus Scirocco for the Earth Invasion Plan. Designed with quick strikes in mind, it was given a large engine mounted in the upper part of the body which enabled the installation of the Mega Beam Launcher. Prior to this, many people thought effectively mounting such a weapon in a mobile suit was impossible. Along with the mono eye unit it is equipped with clusters of long range sensors. The latches on either side of the mobile suit allow for attaching diffusion beam cannons, a wide range of missiles and other assorted weapon packs.

It was reported that 86 units (not counting the 01S) were constructed at the Jupiter colony.


Model Photos