The World of Gundam – Tyrant Sword

The development of the Tyrant began right after the One Year War at the Anaheim Electronics Company which became independent from the Zion Military after the One Year War. The idea behind them becoming independent was in the advancement and strengthening of their already advanced technical field and industrial section along with the strengthening of their political influences.

With the war at an end both the Earth Federation and the Zion forces were extensively weakened and restoring both forces was going to be one of the hardest problems to undertake. Anaheim was extremely aggressive in the aiding of both forces, for the simple fact of strengthening their ties with both forces. Of course their primary aid was in the military industrial section spearheaded by their MS Development Department.

With the development of new Next Generation MS being rolled out constantly the Tyrant Development Project was continuously changing. At first the project was nothing more then to develop a next generation MS, but with the official activation of the Neo Falia, the project was reborn in to the "SE Project". This was around U.C. 0083. 3 Years before the AEUG. and the Titans began their gorilla Warfare.

At this time Anaheim was in retrospect on the verge of total control of the earth sector in a financial way. But with the emergence of the Titans the financial and political balance was being threatened. Anaheim detested this new force that was created within the Earth Federation, which became the stepping stone in creating the AEUG.

With this the Earth sector, quickly became unstable. The movement of Axis (Neo Zion), and the escalation of force by the Jupiter Sector Forces. The Titans strengthened their political ties, while the Earth Federation started to show a more totalitarian stance. It is clear to see that with the world in a state like that of the warring period of the past, war was more immanent then ever.

During this time Anaheim never made a strong stance in public but to keep control from the shadows they hurried the completion of their bluff, the "super weapon" Sword, for practical use. The Prototype of Tyrant Sword rolled off the assembly line in the middle of U.C.0086 – right in the middle of war. The potentials would surpass the scientists’ primary intentions and would become too powerful and too dangerous of an existence.

The more innovative the new weapon is, the more it is used in the development of other innovative weapons. The Tyrant Sword fell in this category. The technology of the Sword System was implemented into later Next Generation mobile suits. Most notable are the, "Zeta", the "Epsy G" and the "DeJay Sword". Also some of the finer technologies had influenced most all of the Earth Sectors MS. With this Anaheim had gathered sufficient power.

Yet sometimes as those who have played a poker game would know, a strong hand has no meaning as a bluff. This was true with the Tyrant. The Tyrant was too strong of a card to be used as a bluff. It was probably the fate of the Tyrant to disappear even before the war had come to a conclusion.

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