Erniuth dai gu Fillmore V

Erniuth dai gu Fillmore V

The 238th Emperor of the Fillmore Empire on Kalamity Godarce, Erniuth dai gu Fillmore V is a descendant of pure blood headdliners and the grandson of former Kensai Ena dai gu Fillmore. Erniuth is also a headdliner of the rank of Highlander and a former student of Dougulas Kaien. He proudly displays the scar given to him by Kaien during training. Many of the headdliners trained by Kensai Kaien sport such marks gained during their tutelage with him.

Erniuth dai gu Fillmore V takes over as the emperor of the Fillmore Empire after the retirement of Lader VIII around JC 3000. Before becoming Emperor, Erniuth resided on the Fillmore family residence on Addler (in the Bakkinrakin Empire) training to become the future emperor. As the head of the Fillmore branch of the imperial family, Erniuth has inherited the Prominence which he pilots with Ballanche Fatima Chandanna. Chandanna was given to Erniuth by his grandmother.

An interesting note: Apparently Teni (Heaven Position aka "Super Master" in the English version) headdliners are called "Highlanders" in Fillmore (or perhaps only certain Teni headdliners attaint that rank?). The term Highlander on Earth often refers to a Scotsman who resides in the highlands of Scotland. Scottish men used to wear a kind of skirt known as a "kilt" and Erniuth dai gu Fillmore is often seen wearing kilt-like skirts. It is said in the English version of FSS that Erniuth wears skirts in the tradition of his ancestors. Could there be a connection between the Scotland of our Earth and the Fillmore family?


In His Younger Years

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