Muse Van Reyback

Muse Van Reyback

Reyback is a top headdliner in the Lown Knights of the Holy Cobalkan Empire, one of the major superpowers on Kallamity Goderce. A favorite of Pope Spanda, it is rumored that he is being groomed as the successor to the Pope, and for this reason was sent to Kastenpo on Both to learn the intricacies of galactic politics.

Even if Muse is a top headdliner, he is rather naive and finds the seemingly barbaric lawlessness of Kastenpo puzzling. However, it is this "anything goes" atmosphere that will mature Reyback into a well-seasoned headdliner and the true purpose for which Pope Spanda sent him into the lion’s den.

While on his sabbatical to Kastenpo, Reyback will make a fair number of important friends and contacts including Dougulas Kaien, Jabo Beat and princess Aisha Codante of the AKD, who (unsurprisingly) takes on the naive Reyback as a lover.

Muse Van Reyback is one of the few Lown Knights assigned a Bang Doll, which he pilots with Ballanche fatima Ssizz. On his first adventure in Kastenpo, he uses the Bandgoll to end Bishop Iller’s reign of terror, securing his reputation as a knight of high standing and supreme skill.


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the character profile.