Bang Doll

Bang Doll

The Bang Doll is the flagship mortar headd of the Lown Knights and one of the galaxy’s most powerful mortar headds. Because only 5 to 7 models are in service at any one time, they are very rarely seen. The Bang Doll’s main weapon is a special "energy sword" which is a speid that is tapped directly into the Bang Doll’s energy storage unit and charged up with vast amounts of power which allows the Bang Doll to perform devastating strikes. Muse Van Reyback uses a Bang Doll to bring Bishop Iller’s reign of terror in Kastenpo to an abrupt end.

When transported in a dorrey the Bang Doll is reconfigured to take up less space (shown below). Because the Bang Doll goes through a transformation of sorts when it is deployed on the battlefield some call it the Erupting Puppet.

Bang Doll
B-EX S.S.I. .02 "Bang Doll" (Erupting Puppet)
SRB Cobalken Ver. 1-4
a collaboration between Rowmiran Xbin, Dr. Stoi and Dr. Chrome Ballanche
Holy Cobalkan Empire
15.3 meters
121 tons
1.35 trillion horsepower

energy sword
spare speid, battle-axe, spear, machete etc.
3 spare spaads
35 S-mines (minimum)
4 anti-personnel lasers
4 anti-object blasters
12 archer missiles
diksslang(?) (optional)
buster launcher (optional)


Storage Mode

Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the mortar headd profile.