Mel Rince

Mel Rince

Leader of the AKD’s Divers Guild, Mel Rince Usaretama is both a powerful headdliner and diver. Though she is most well-known for her powerful diver abilities, she is an incredibly powerful headdliner in the same league as people such as Dougulas Kaien and Deimos Hierarchy. In fact, she defeated Kaien (by cutting off both his arms) when he attempted to murder his own foster father.

While Mel Rince is a famous figure throughout the AKD and the galaxy as a whole, in reality, she is an alias of Emperor Amaterasu, a simulacrum created via his divine powers. It is a technique similar to the ability of some powerful divers which creates a double of themselves for short periods of time, though Amaterasu has far more control over his extra bodies. They have complete autonomy and personalities of their own, separate from that of the Emperor’s. This is not the same as Amaterasu’s different forms, like Ladios Sop or Lady Sopp, but a different ability altogether. For example, while both Emperor Amaterasu and Ladios Sopp cannot be in two places at once (for they are one in the same), Ladios Sopp, Mel Rince and Agari-no-Kimi (another of Amaterasu’s aliases) can exist simultaneously.

Mel Rince will often appear to protect those who are close to Amaterasu. Even though Amaterasu is indifferent to such threats, his other personalities react quite differently and Mel Rince can be moved to action if necessary. Such as the case when Kaien threatened to kill Dr. Ballanche for allowing him to bed his own (surrogate) mother, Fatima Queen. Rince intercepted Kaien and prevented him from slaying Ballanche. And in JC 3010, Mel Rince appeared to help defend the throne from the assault of the Black Three (Japanese volume 10, English volume 26) where Rince dealt Dis Vosdjasforth a severe blow.

In JC 4100’s it is Mel Rince who teaches the young rebel, Label Colus the arts of headdliner combat and swordsmanship.

Note: Mel Rince’s full name is Mel Rince Usaretama. What is "Usaretama" spelled backwards?


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