A-Toll Scritti

A-Toll Scritti

The A-toll Scritti is a mortar headd designed for information gathering and covert operations. It is equipped with the latest in reconnaissance technology to aid the fatima co-pilot in obtaining vital information for use against the enemy. A flat head keeps its height down a bit and accommodates an all-directional scanner. Side armor scales incorporate a variety of built-in combat equipment. Shoulders can be dislocated and folded forward for transport. Mortar headds can walk on the balls of their feet, so the heel isn’t strictly necessary and pressure on the ground still isn’t that bad. Maggy Colter’s Scritti work demonstrated higher agility without heels, and now Amaterasu is testing it on Cross and Rouge Mirages.

There are only six A-Toll Scrittis among Hathuha’s fleet of A-Tolls, thus they are rarely seen or used. In 2997, three A-Toll Scrittis were scrambled to retrieve rogue AP Knight Wandam Harrer of Embryo squadron.

A-Toll information: There are 13 armor variants. Each of the 12 regionally stationed squads has a variant plus A-Toll Silver for the imperial guard. Sparse and Skein squads are both stationed by the capital. The BS-type used by Sparse squad is one of the "big three" MHs of the cluster. Scritti type is particularly distinctive but Scritti Polity squad goes generally unpublicized because it specializes in covert ops. [Cross referencing with the Magic War troop positioning in Designs 3 indicates that squads 1-10 are on the ground, 11 is in space, and Scritti squad is unnumbered.]

Maggy Colter is meight and meister for Hathuha mortar headds. Good enough that Ladios Sopp respects her skill. Responsible for A-Toll tuning and developing variants. She also did the restoration work for The Empress and Kormals units.

A-Toll Scritti
Hathuha Union Republics (AP Knights Scritti Squadron)
Unknown (lightweight)
Around 1.25 trillion horsepower (typical output for an A-Toll)
Typical compliment of mortar headd weaponry


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the mortar headd profile.