Holy Cobalkan Empire

Location: Kalamity Godarce, Northern solar system
Ruler: Pope Spanda
Type: Theocracy
Capital: Lunamoa
Flag MH: Bang Doll
Paramount Knights: Harktt de Von, Muse Van Reyback, Nona Strauss (Mercy Nona)
Palace Guard: Lown Knights (221)
Mortar Headds: Bang Doll (no more than 7), various others
Knights of the Realm: Papal Knights (2,650)

The Holy Cobalkan Empire (sometimes spelled Kuvulcan) is the second largest political entity on Kalamity Godarce. About the size of the Ukraine, Cobalkan occupies half of the Schorty continent in the northern hemisphere. The Vatican, which governs Cobalkan, is controlled by clergymen of high moral standards, who have undergone strict, extensive training to follow their chosen path.

The Lown Knights are considered one of the galaxy's three great orders of Knighthood (which includes Hathuha’s A’p Knights and Fillmore’s Kneu Syltiss Knights) and a chosen few of the Lown Knights pilot the S.S.I. Kuvulcan or Bang Doll. One of the most powerful MH's in the galaxy, the Bang Doll is famous for its beauty as well as its battle prowess. It is one of the rarest MH's in the galaxy and only 5 to 7 models will be in service at any given time.

The current ruler of Cobalkan, Pope Spanda, is grooming top Lown Knight Muse Van Reyback as his successor. Reyback has been entrusted with a Bang Doll (with Ballanche fatima Ssizz) and has been sent on a tour of the galaxy to expose himself to the various cultures of the Joker Star Cluster.

Emblems of the Holy Cobalkan Empire

Holy Cobalkan Empire
Lown Knights