Engage SR-3

Engage SR-3

After the sealing of the Engage SR-2 "Junchoon", the "theft" of the original Engage Octaver, and the passing of the Mk. 2 to House Meistner, House Colus was once again left without a flag mortar headd to represent her. Colus XXIV was not allowed to be trained as a knight as per Queen Elmelah’s orders, thus the duties as battle-leader fell to princess Saylay. Saylay Colus took her father’s designs for the Junchoon and commissioned a new flag mortar headd from mortar headd meight extraordinaire, Dr. Diamond Neutral.

The SR-3 can technically be considered one of Dr. Neutral’s "Temple" series (which is why one of its names is Jade Temple) but since Saylay provided the basic design, it takes its name after the original series, in which the next in line is Engage SR-3.

It is said that Dr. Neutral made the SR-3 to be nearly as powerful as his Mighty Series of mortar headds (which mount Mirage engines provided by Sop), but that remains to be seen. Dr. Neutral also seems to have improved/changed Colus XXIII’s original design for the Peidoll Spire, as the SR-3 is seen sporting a much more compact version of that weapon when it first appeared in Hathuha. (The new look resembles the Power Launchers found on the mecha in the TV series Full Metal Soldier L-Gaim. Nagano Mamoru was the mechanical designer for that series.)

After the mortar headd was completed and Saylay returned to Juno, Colus meisters redesigned the armor to more resemble the mortar headd of her late father, thus the SR-3 has been given the nickname, the "Saylay Junchoon".

Engage SR-3
Engage SR-3: Saylay Junchoon (Jade Temple)
Engage Series: SR-3
Dr. Diamond Neutral
Colus Dynasty Flag MH
Unknown, but rumored to be on par with Mirage Machines
Typical compliment of mortar headd weaponry. Improved Peidoll Spire


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the mortar headd profile.