Taika Mist Twist Breakers:


It is said that the Kaienkens, created by Kallen, the God of Taika, appeared within the Joker universe by traveling through time and dimensions. Ordinarily, the swords don’t seem to be any stronger than any other speid or spaad of exceptional quality, however their true power is revealed only when they are being used for the specific purpose for which they were created.

It is generally known that the Male Sword (a speid in the form of a No-dachi) belonged originally to Ned Swans. The Female Sword (a unique looking spaad) gained fame as the weapon of Kensai Deimos Hierarchy. Ever after, they have been known as the Twin Swords: Kaienken. The Male Kaienken has never been used in the Joker Galaxy, only the Female spaad has seen any action in that universe.

The most unusual feature about these two swords is that they ignore time. They can move through time freely, from the past into the future and vice versa, to wherever they are most needed. After their first appearance in Joker, they began moving through time separately. Because they are divine swords, there are no time paradoxes or temporal inconsistencies. The gods can easily erase any such problems created by the swords’ movement through time and space.

Male Sword

A.D. 6000
Owner: Skinzu, the husband of Imperial Princess Yan and top Super Empire knight.
Ahat’s abstraction child was given the Kaienken by the Empress of Flame. At Both, after forming the pact with the dragons, Skinzu used the Kaienken to defeat Satan: Nostrasbasms at Stant. It is assumed that Skinzu and Yan named their son (Dougulus Kaien) after this sword.

J.C. 2200
Owner: Nakandra Swans.
Most likely the blade was given to him by the Amaterasu family. Next it passed on to Kensai Harricon.

J.C. 2400
Owner: Harricon Melody Nedlenoid. Prince of Colus Dynasty’s Melody family.
Since Kensai Harricon was involved in the consolidation of the Rondo continent on Juno, the Kaienken became well-known.

J.C. 2900
Owner: Arr Fortissimo Melody
The Sword remained in Juno until it was given into the hands of Arr Fortissimo. It remained in the Joker galaxy until 3200.

J.C. 3200
Owner: Kensai Maximum
Finally after all this time, the sword reaches its true owner. Maximum unleashes the sword’s power using it to destroy Satan: Tatsuminre.

Female Sword

A.D. 5000
Owner: Violet Emperor, Ahat
In the J.C. era, the Female Kaienken only appears at Stant to destroy Satan: Tatsuminre.

A.D. 6000
Owner: Kensai Lalafa
The Kaienken which remained in the A.D. era were lost after this time.

J.C. 2600
Owner: Kensai Deimos Hierarchy
Hierarchy passes the blade to Dougulus Kaien. It decides to stay in Joker through the Majestic Stand.

J.C. 3170
Owner: Kensai Madora

J.C. 3200
Owner: Fatima Queen

J.C. 4100
Owner: Daizina Meistner

Appearance of the Kaienken by Absolute Time:

First Appearance: J.C. 2000
Owner: Amaterasu-no-Mikoto (both)
A request by Hyperon at Monarch Sacred brings the swords to the Joker Star Cluster, but this is uncertain. In this instance, the 5 Dragons group together at Delta Belune and some Dragons are lost.

It is said that a battle in which even Dragons are killed takes place. Only Amaterasu-no-Mikoto knows the whole truth. This is the actual first appearance of the Twin Swords in the Joker Universe. After having completed their task, the swords are sent elsewhere through time. Who sent them is unknown (Sop or Kallen perhaps?).

?????: Spacetime-unknown: Year-unknown
Owner: Azdebule Delta Belune Monsolon
He was destroyed in battle with Satan: Karistchul

?????: Spacetime-unknown: Year-unknown
Owner: Emperor Kallamity Godarce Fubark
Killed in battle by Satan: OPQL

Taika Universe: Year-unknown
Owner: Maximum (Male Sword) Silvis (Female Sword)
The Kaienkens return to their natural world. This is when Maximum first receives the sword and is sent to Taika. Along with Silvis, they use the Twin Swords to conquer Taika and bring down the Great Satan: Lucifer Sentaima. After this, the Kaienken return to Heaven. This corresponds to J.C. 3300.

100,000 years after Taika’s suppression, Kallen, the daughter of Amaterasu and Lachesis descends to Taika. She sometimes appears around the Joker galaxy with her partner U.R.I. because she’s worried about how vulnerable her mother and father are at this time period.

In Japanese volume 5 (English book 11) Amaterasu recognizes the Taika symbol probably because he had seen it as a child when Mikoto held possession of the Twin Swords, but he simply forgot about them.

Even though Amaterasu occupies the top spot on the Character Power Balance Chart, the truth is he has no defense against Kallen’s "The father is foolish!" attack.

Virtually, the most powerful character in the tale is Kallen. Because she may appear soon, I must say this: Please, be docile Kallen!

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