Barbeleuse V

Barbeleuse V

The leader of Knue Syltiss Black Group, Barbeleuse V is one of the Fillmore Empire’s top knights. He is a man of high standing and honor and he shows it when he assists fledgling headdliner Muse Van Reyback during the incident with the prototype Ashura Temple. Even though sir V is an excellent headdliner and one of the Kneu Syltiss best knights, he suffers a defeat at the hands of none other than rogue ace headdliner Decors Weissmel. Weissmel defeated a group of Fillmore Siren Fs, one of which was piloted by sir V, while piloting an Etriml-based Devoncha. This defeat was a stain upon Barbeleuse V’s honor and for this reason he took a long leave of absence from the Kneu Syltiss knighthood.

Barbeleuse V is the father of Christine V. He was allowed an honorable suicide by Lader VIII when Christine’s murder of her classmate put further shame on Barbeleuse’s name. During his headdliner career, Barbeleuse V piloted a Siren F and his co-pilot was Ballanche Fatima Machi, which he passed down to Christine after his death.

Note: The letter "V" is the family name. Not Roman numeral 5.


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