Colus 23

The 23rd king of the Colus royal family and emperor of the Trio de Colus empire, Colus XXIII (commonly called "Colus III" by his subjects) is a headdliner of unsurpassed skill and ability. Trained in the martial arts by none other than the 2nd Black Knight, Roados Dragoon, Colus III is an example of a warrior-king who is idolized by the knights he leads into battle.

Considering the low probability of headdliner births, even to noble families, it is a miracle that the heir to the Colus Dynasty has been a headdliner for multiple generations. In fact, it has become a tradition that the heir will be a headdliner, and in the case of no headdliner heir, a suitable heir will be found amongst the royal families most closely related to the Colus line. There are three royal lines; Colus, Meistner and Ballanka. There was a fourth line, but it was disbanded.

It was during the events on Addler see manga volume 1 or FSS Movie that Colus III made the acquaintance of one Ladios Sop and took Fatima Clotho under his protection. It is this action that sets in motion a series of events that has major repercussions for the galaxy at large, though Colus is largely ignorant of the enormity of his decision.

Colus III is a mortar headd meight as well as a headdliner-king and he designs the plans for the Engage SR-2: Junchoon based on the original Engage Octaver design. The mortar headd proves to be too ambitious for the simple Berlin engine mounted within it and with the help of meister extraordinaire Ladios Sop, Colus redesigns the Junchoon into a sleek, high-tuned model, inadvertently creating one of the most powerful mortar headds in the galaxy.

The Colus/Hadooda war tests Colus III’s skills to their fullest. After suffering the loss of his beloved fatima, Ulicle, Colus III is slain in a duel with the Kneu Syltis ace pilot, Vralgo Kentauri. During the battle, the Junchoon awakened in order to avenge its father and destroyed Kentauri and his Siren in the process.

Although Colus III’s rule was cut short, he is remembered as a benevolent king and fearsome warrior (many remember him as the Lion of Jüno) and his reputation serves as a shining example to all those of noble blood across the galaxy.


In His Younger Years

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