Meight: Dr. Morard Carbyte
Number: Morard Fatima #03
Gauge: A-2A-B1-B1-A
Clearance: VVS1
Type: S
Masters: Colus XXIII

Created by Dr. Morard Carbyte, Ulicle is one of the few fatima in the galaxy to match with the likes of Ballanche masterpieces. Using the experience he gained from designing Est and Build, Dr. Morard was able to create a fatima of exceptional quality.

Shortly after her creation, Ulicle met with the young Crown Prince of the Colus dynasty, Colus XXIII. It was love at first sight (on both counts) and the two were inseperable ever since. The depth of the relationship between the Colus king and his partner was a thorn of contention between Ulicle and Queen Elmelah, and this caused her Majesty to discourage her son, Colus XXIV from ever joining the knighthood.

The relationship between Colus and Ulicle is a perfect example of why fatima are not allowed the ability to bear children. The natural women of the galaxy would likely rise up in revolt if the Joker Galactic Council ever rescinded the law, as what normal woman would ever stand a chance against an un-aging and forever beautiful artificial being?


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the fatima profile.