Meight: Dr. Steel Koop
Number: Koop Fatima #04
Gauge: B2-B1-A-B2-B2
Clearance: VVS2
Type: S
Masters: Blreno Canzian

Paracha, along with her twin-sister Syucha, were designed by Dr. Steel Koop specifically with the MH Siren in mind (though they are not specialized like Est or Teata). Thus their masters are quite obviously Kneu Syltiss headdliners.

As the fatima of a Kneu Syltiss knight, Paracha will be the victim of extreme abuse by her master, Sir Canzian. Kneu Syltiss headdliners treat their fatima as objects of war and their worth is measured only by their ability to control a mortar headd. This abuse is by no means a reflection on the character of the headdliner in question, as the knights of Fillmore simply see fatima as property, not individuals. As cruel as this may sound at first, this is actually the proper method of treating a fatima, as this is their true purpose. Fillmore fatimas have the lowest rate of mental breakdowns out of all knight corps and it is theorized that this is because Fillmore fatima know and accept their place wholeheartedly. Paracha epitomizes this vision of Fillmore fatima as she never once wavers in her loyalty to her beloved master, despite the brutal methods he employs to punish her. However, even Kneu Syltiss knights are susceptible to the charms of Fatima Fatis and his attitude toward her changes for the better as the story progresses.

Paracha co-pilots a Siren F, a Boowray and an Arcanna Siren with Sir Canzian.


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the fatima profile.